Album Art ….. Family Photography Sydney

Another one of our quality products we offer is the Gallery album.  Pictured below is a snippet of our 12 inch 30 page album.

The cover is customisable and the album also comes in a 9 inch.

The beautiful family that it holds was photographed back in March.

Mum left all the choosing and designing up to me.  Quite an honour I must admit to be trusted with the images they hadn’t seen.

But I’m pleased to say the finished product is beautiful and was a lovely surprise for all the family!



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A while back you may remember I gave away a “Shine Session”.

Rewind!  What’s a Shine Session?  A session just for the lady’s/girls.

To show how beautiful they are inside and out!  It includes hair and makeup and a gallery of images to choose from.

So it’s a bit of pampering, a bit of fun and a bit of “ME” time.

Us lady’s give so much of ourselves so I wanted to offer something which focussed on us (even if just for a few hours) and gave us something to remember how beautiful we actually are.

Marlinna was our much deserving winner and here is a couple of her images.  Beautiful huh?!!

Shine session

If you are interested in having one of these session for yourself or for someone else (wink) contact me with the form below.



Win with Art of Joy Photography – Sydney Family Photographer

Competition time!

Up for grabs is:

  • A Free Sitting valued at $140
  • 10 Matted 12 x 8 Prints valued at $570
  • And a 12 x 18 canvas worth $280

Total prize valued at $990!!  Woooo!

Ways to enter:

  1. “Like” the Art of Joy Photography Facebook page CLICK HERE
  2. Go to the status about the competition on Facebook and click on “Share” (Please share directly from our page so we can see you have done so)
  3. Follow us on Twitter HERE
  4. Retweet our tweet about the competition

Each thing you do gets another entry into the draw!!

Winner will be announced on Friday the 29th June!!


- Valid for a max of 6 people.  Charge for extras is $30pp

- Prize cannot be redemeed or exchanged for cash

- Must be used within 6 months time

- Must be used within the south sydney/eastern suburbs area

- Must be used for a family session.


Moki Cove

I just love this shot of this Moki Cove and his 3 Micky Mouse balloons!

He wasn’t loving much else that afternoon but these balloons.

It was our fault because we really didn’t prepare him well for this shoot, spending all day at the beach and then waking him during his delayed nap (which I do not advise you do before a photo shoot).

But when it’s family you can do anything!  Luckily he was happy for a brief moment so I managed to get this cheeky smile.


The Art……… Sydney Family Photographer

You may have read before that I am passionate about prints.

It’s all very well and good to have beautiful images of yourself and family on a disc but what happens when it’s time to print?

Where do you go to get it printed, how do you present these images?  What size should you get?  Will they last the test of time?

When I changed the name of my business to Art of Joy Photography, ‘Art’ had two meanings.

1. How we go about creating our own Joy (that in itself is an Art)

2. The Art itself.  The image printed and presented.

So there was no doubt in my mind that we had to offer Albums or something similar.

Below is an example of a Queensberry Press Book that we offer and designed.  Similar to an album but more like a book

(If you haven’t heard of Queensberry, click on the link.  They are the creme de la creme of wedding albums!)

It tells a little story of a time this family spent together in a cane field in Queensland and the love they share with one another.

More images of the inside and this sweet family to come soon!  And more of our products that we offer too!

If you think you would like an album similar to this, contact me using the form below.

Perfectly imperfect….. sydney child photographer

These photos were taken the day before mother’s day.  It was about 15 mins before sun down so I didn’t have long, but surprisingly my kids wanted to cooperate.

I have some single shot’s to show you in the not to distant future but they are a work in progress (nothing to amazing just want to get them just right)!

So for now here is the perfectly imperfect!  x

Two boys and a boat ………..

FINALLY!!  I am finally able to get around to posting this shoot.  The past few weeks/month has been absolutely hectic, but i’m pleased to say i’m getting things under control.

Kids are back at school so I’m able to work in peace and quiet!!  Thank goodness (big sigh!).

What fun we had this afternoon with this lovely family!  The boys were shy to begin with but it didn’t take long for them to open up and just be boys!

A few people have asked about the boat.  When you book a shoot with Art of Joy Photography we try to personalise the shoot as much as possible to our clients.It can be a lifestyle shoot (simply you at home with your family), it could be a dream shoot with crazy or whimsical elements or you may want a nice location and something simple.

This family told me a bit about themselves and one thing they do a lot of is sailing,  so I asked if they had a small boat and you can imagine my excitement when they said yes and they would bring it all the way from the northern beaches to our location!!!

Without further ado here are my personal favourites from the shoot!


To inquire about a booking please fill out this form!

Gorgeous mum to be (Maternity Photographer Sydney)

What a great way to launch our new Milestones Package (details on the pricing page of our website) with a gorgeous Maternity shoot!  It was great to finally meet with Leanne  as we had been emailing back and forth for quite a few months (organised mum to be)!

She had me in stitches as we had a few small challenges to overcome that day, she is quite the comedian!

This shoot was about a month back and since then Leanne has given birth to a very healthy boy weighing in at 4.11kg’s (yes I got those numbers right)!!

Congratulations Leanne and Steve, welcome to the wonderful world of parenting!

P.S. Doesn’t she look fantastic!


sydney newborn photographer

It had been awhile since I had last done a newborn shoot and I was hanging out for some newborn cuteness! She was an absolute darling and it was so nice to meet her doting parents (as if you wouldn’t dote with a face like that)! I enjoyed it so much that I am bringing […]

What’s in a name?

Art of Joy Photography > What does it mean?

I got asked the other day if my name was Joy!  No (laugh) it’s Clarissa, but it got me thinking “do people know what this name means”?

I’ve been a photographer now for 5 years and before this I was Clarissa Wikeepa Photography.  It’s my name so I couldn’t really go wrong with it but

I really wanted a name that had something to do with my aim as a photographer.  I did a brain storming session (about 10 of them over a space of a year)

and the one thing I came back to was JOY.  Why?  Because when I asked myself what the most important thing for me to capture is, it always came back to JOY.

Life unfortunately isn’t always peachy but those small moments of joy we experience make the ride well worth it.

Joy is found everywhere but the one thing I want to photograph most is family joy, the kind you get when your little one snuggles into your arms or plants the unexpected kiss on your lips!

So why the Art of Joy?

The dictionary states the following:

Art = the creation of works of beauty or other special significance

So art has a couple of meanings for me in relation to my name.

1. How your family create/enjoy their own joyful moment

2. The absolute beauty of the family.  No matter how big, small or dysfunctional it is! :P

3. It refers to the finished product.  And when you see your photographs printed professionally it really is a work of art!

 I think these pictures sum up the Art of Joy!


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